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Introduction To Bakugou Katsuki Body Pillow

Bakugou Katsuki is a character in the anime “My Hero Academia”. He has yellow hair like a hedgehog. He has a hot personality, a hot temper, a grumpy temper, and a sharp language. It is difficult to actively befriend others. But this kind of personality and cool appearance tends to attract the likes of a broad audience.

Bakugou Katsuki body pillow is a sleep-friendly anime body pillow launched by, which is popular among anime fans. The product has 3 materials (Peach skin, Plush, 2 Way) and 3 sizes (50X150cm, 50X160cm, 60X180cm) to choose from, and support double-sided printing pictures, there are pictures of bakugou katsuki posing in various poses to choose from.

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Product Fabric Introduction

2 Way Fabric

Composition: 80%~85% Polyester Fiber, 15% Spandex

The 2way fabric is not easy to snag and pilling after transformation and upgrade, the surface of the fabric is delicate, the hand feels silky and cool, and the printing accuracy is high and the details are clearly visible. The material is elastic and therefore anti-wrinkle. It is a good fabric among the original pillows.

Peach Skin Fabric

Composition: Polyester, Nylon

It has nothing to do with fluff, the surface is smooth and lint-free, the hand feels cool and the printing is clear, suitable for spring and summer. High cost performance, but the disadvantage is that the fabric is not elastic.

Plush Fabric

Composition: Polyester

The surface is covered with a layer of short plush, the texture is soft, and it feels comfortable to touch along the direction of the plush, because the plush is relatively short, the pattern is clearly printed and looks natural. It has the effect of keeping warm, and it is warm in autumn and winter.

Product Details

HD Color Printing And Colorful

Digital technology, the pattern color is saturated and uniform, the color is clear and delicate without fading

High-grade Fabrics Are Soft And Comfortable

Selected high-end fabrics, soft and smooth, solid and durable, and comfortable to touch

Exquisite Workmanship, Smooth And Beautiful

Precise mechanical stitching technology, the stitches are neat and dense, and the edges are tightly fitted

Hidden Zipper Is Smooth And Easy To Pull

Exquisite hidden small-head zipper, in-line sewing is unique and durable

Production Process

step 1

Painter Drawing

step 2

Printing And Typesetting

step 3

Digital Printing

step 4

Heat transfer

step 5


step 6


step 7


step 8


Buyer Notice

About Color

Because the color contrast and brightness of different computer monitors are different, slight color difference is inevitable and not a quality problem.

About Return

The products in this shop are made to order and do not support return or exchange. Unless the size pattern is incorrectly printed, it can be returned. Other issues will not be returned.

Washing instructions

Machine wash

Some washing machines may cause damage to the pillow, especially the 2WT fabric. If you use a washing machine, it is recommended to wash the pillowcase separately from other clothes.

Hand wash

The recommended washing method is general washing powder or neutral detergent. You can also reverse the pillow and wash it to prevent the friction of washing from causing damage to the printing surface.


After washing, reverse the printing surface to the outside and hang it with clothes to dry. Try not to use a washing machine to dry it, and dry it in a well-ventilated place that is protected from sunlight.

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MGF20340, MGF711047, MGF76020


Peach Skin, Plush, 2 Way


50×150, 50×160, 60×180

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