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Introduction To Body Pillow

The body pillow or Dakimakura is known for providing companionship and eternal hugs in the animation industry and the entire otaku culture. They provide incredibly soft, fluffy and perfect sleeping companions, and have proven therapeutic effects. They can help you sleep soundly in a better posture. At the same time, it will eventually relieve your stress, that is, the pressure on your muscles. These body pillows can help you improve your lifestyle in the best way.


This is not just a pillow


The body pillow can not only be used as a pillow, but also as a backrest.

Whether it is playing with a mobile phone or reading a book, it can play a very good supporting role!

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Product Details

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High Quality Environmental Protection PP Cotton Filling


It is filled with high-quality environmentally friendly PP cotton, and the material is recycled polyester staple fiber.

There are mainly two types of normal fiber and hollow.

The product has good resilience, smooth hand feeling and good warmth retention.

As the temperature changes, it shrinks and expands like breathing, resulting in a peculiar fluffy, which is not easy to deform for a long time.

Pillow Core Installation Process

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step 1

Unzip the zipper and pull the pillowcase to one end

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step 2

Squeeze the pillow core and slowly insert the pillowcase

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step 3

Generally install pillowcases, and arrange them until they are installed

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step 4

Check if the pillowcase is flat, then close the zipper

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